Founded 2013

In 2013, PHNIX Eco-Energy Solutions launched its North American division PHNIX NORTH AMERICA. Led by Vice General Manager Gerry Mao, the company serves customers in the United States and Canada with its industrial and residential heat pump products.

Leading Heat Pump Technology

PHNIX products utilize advanced heat pump technology. By transferring available heat from the surrounding air into the heating cycle, our heating and cooling products use less energy to achieve target temperatures.

Warm Up Your Home and Your Life

We believe home should be a place that where you feel comfortable. That’s why we’ve designed our heating and cooling systems with space-saving casings and flexible configuration options. We’ve considered the details like choosing color palettes that blend in with your existing home decor. We strive for outstanding quality in our products and customer service. Enjoy your living spaces more with PHNIX.

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The Benefits of PHNIX Technology

Save Money on Energy Bills

Our advanced heat pump technology uses less energy to reach target temperatures

Eco-Friendly Components

We always use non-ozone depleting refrigerant in all our products

Strong Customer Support

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